Online Studying Orientation

Prospective students have many questions. What is the right programme for me, and where? How can I be reasonably sure that I will like the programme? And with all these opportunities, how can I make a good decision? To help you with such questions, the Central Student Advisory offers you online information and counselling for three major steps in your decision process. Select the steps you need and want to take.

What does study life in Darmstadt look like? And what else can you do and experience besides your studies? The TU and the city of Darmstadt also have a lot to offer apart from seminars and lectures!

  • Get to know TU Darmstadt not tomorrow, but… today on our digital TUDay . Professors, lecturers, staff and students will talk to you,.
  • The #studentsofTUdarmstadt write about their student life. First-hand advice and informationen, also on cultural and leisure activities.
  • Curious about the campus? TU Darmstadt has two, one in the city and one on the outskirts of town, but not far from each other. Have a look at the video tours!
  • Or do you prefer listening to podcasts instead? No problem: Podcasts und Videos by students of TU Darmstadt.
  • Too many open questions? Find a mentor to help you through our Studi für 1 Tag programme.

And now, the hard facts. What programmes are there, and what is their content?

TU Darmstadt offers more than 110 programmes: Bachelor's, master's, and teaching degrees. Have a look at the programme profiles with their at-a-glance module overviews. At the end of the page, you find closely related programmes, to make your choice easier.

Still unable to decide? Then our Online Self Assessments might be what you need. Compare your expectations and knowledge about your programme with information from experienced students, and get to know the special topics of a Technical University.

Even after all that information it can sometimes be difficult to really make the decision. But don't worry: You are not alone out there.

Write or talk to our experienced team of student advicers. Call us or mail us.

You would rather learn a systematic skill to help you with decision-making? Then try our Entscheidungsworkshop.

Dear Parents,

more than once parents contact the Central Student Advisory and as for guidance how to best support their child with the decision for a university programe.

The following ten points stem from our experience with this situation. Additionally, you can hear a podcast on the subject.


Central Student Advisory

10 impulses and a podcast

1. Don't try to be smarter than your child.

2. Encourage your child early to become aware of his or her strenghts at school and outside of school.

3. Support your child in its hobbies and interests.

4. Encourage your child to look not only at the academic contents of programmes, but also on the professional reality and opportunities afterwards. Which skills are needed besides to the academic knowledge?

5. Talk with your child about the society and world of tomorrow: What kind of job does your child want to perfom in this society, what impact to make on the world? And which programme leads to this aim?

6. Encourage your child to research academic programmes, try out internships and test practical job experience.

7. Share your own professional experience with your child.

8. In this, do not only stress what you do today, but also the steps that led to your decision.

9. Encourage your child in finding a personal and professional goal in life.

10. Let your child take over responsibility for itself.


Parents' influence on study choices