Study and work methods

Study and work methods

Whether you can learn, remember and reproduce something is not so much a matter of intelligence but is rather dependent on motivation and the relevance of your work method. There is no reliable formula for what optimal studying looks like – too many factors of the institutional, factual, social and personal kind play a role here.

Work methods in the various disciplines such as in mechanical engineering, in biology or in the social sciences are different from one another due to subject-specific problems.

Despite this variety of defining factors, there are general experiences with the studying and working process that have proven effective. We will touch on these briefly.

The expectation that the university teaches effective studying and specific work techniques is not fulfilled. Every student has to acquire these skills him- or herself.

What are the significant factors determining the success of studying?

  • The external conditions and requirements,
  • one’s own motivation to study,
  • personal studying behavior.

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