Books and Media

Books and Media

Course literature – or put in more simple terms – books and magazines belong to the most important working materials during your studies.

You will have to buy some important books. It is often advisable to look at them or browse through them at the library or bookstore before buying them. You can’t or don’t want to buy everything. Libraries are set up to provide you with literature:

  • There is a lot you can borrow: from the lending library and textbook collections;
  • Some literature you may only use at the library: “non-lending collections”, e.g. in the reading hall, newer issues of magazines;
  • Libraries often also offer workstations for studying, reading, learning and browsing.

The most important libraries for students in Darmstadt:

University and State Library (ULB)

Central information (Phone: 06151/16-58 50) is the first point of contact for all of your questions.

Specialized libraries at the university

Specialized libraries are libraries of academic institutes or even entire departments. They collect technical and specific research literature for academia or research. Due to the small capacity and the high popularity, not all specialized libraries can lend out their books. This, however, is specifically defined and can be found out in a guided library tour.

An advantage of those libraries over the state or university library is that you can have a glance at any book right away. Unfortunately, there is only a limited number of workstations in some specialized libraries.