Unisport-Zentrum (USZ) – University Sports Centre

University Sports

The USZ is the biggest sport provider in Darmstadt with more than 200 different courses. Indeed the right place to continue one’s sport on a competitive or hobby level, try different sports, find a sport partner, or to meet other students in a different setting.

Beside the various sport courses, the USZ organises and invites students and employees of TU Darmstadt to intramural competition as well as to fun and experience orientated sport events. Moreover, the USZ organises sport trips to locations in Germany and abroad. It also supports the participation of students in German University Championships, occasionally hosted by the USZ.

The sport programme of the USZ is orientated on the semester schedule. In general a registration is necessary to attend sport courses of the USZ. This is true for free and fee-based courses. Registration can be done easily online or with the help of qualified personal in the USZ office. Eligibility is proved on a regular basis. With registration you receive a ticket that verifies your eligibility to attend this course. You always need to be able to show this ticket to a USZ employee. However, courses can be attended without registration for the first three weeks, provided that the special course is not already full.

A big part of TU Darmstadt’s sport facilities is located in the Hochschulstadion (University Stadium). The Hochschulstadion is a historical monument and is located in the Lichtwiesenweg in the south-east of Darmstadt. Beside the popular Hochschulbad (University Swimming Pool) the renovated Hochschulstadion integrates other facilities and fields for a variety of sports and activities. The possibilities are extended by the TU indoor facilities which are connected to the Hochschulstadion. The facilities are used for self-or-ganised and guided activities. All facilities can be used freely or with reservation. Moreover, the fitness studio “Unifit” and a disc golf course are part of the USZ sport facilities. Climbing fans will have fun in the Climbing Forest Darmstadt, and in the facilities of the Alpenverein, which are both operated by partners of the USZ.

Sportreferat – Sport Unit

The Sportreferat represents all students doing sports at the Technical University Darmstadt. It operates as an institution responsible for all sport related questions and initiatives of students, as an organisational and administrative organ of University sport events, and last but not least as a political representation of TU students in sport related administrative bodies of higher education institutions.

Unifit – Fitness Studio

At the Unifit TU members have various possibilities for fitness training in an outstandingly located facility right by the campus Lichtwiese. For small fees, students and employees can take advantage of a professionally guided strength and fitness training or the integrated sauna before, after, or in between their work or studies.

Disc Golf Course

Since 2012 the USZ runs a disc golf course at the Lichtwiese. The course is a round course with 15 holes between USZ building and Breslauer Platz. Discs can be bought or rented at the cash register of the University Stadium.