Advice and Counselling

Advice and Counselling …

  • counselling regarding studying and workload difficulties or problems with exams,
  • counselling regarding change of university or major,
  • counselling regarding matters of dropping out,
  • information about opportunities of further scientific education (postgraduate, secondary or complementary studies),
  • studying abroad
  • difficulties with studying,
  • difficulties regarding exams,
  • financial problems,
  • family issues,
  • social difficulties,
  • identity issues
  • assistance in choosing a program,
  • general information about study possibilities, admission procedures, n.c. requirements,
  • general information about individual study programs

Please contact us if you are a teacher seaching for academic orientation for the school students, or a parent., or have other questions regarding our academic programmes.

The primary expert for solving personal problems is the person him- oder herself; the consultant's function, in contrast, is mainly to support the independent development of sustainable solutions. This can be achieved, for example, by actively promoting the ability to find one's bearings, offering clarification aids in decision-making situations, raising awareness of risks and benefits or providing practical assistance in using one's own and external resources.

We assume that those seeking advice are basically able to actively control and shape their behavior within certain limits. Consulting supports and promotes this competence.

Counseling is based on complex communication and psychosocial development processes whose change over time is of central importance.

Both the person seeking advice and the consultant are equally responsible for the consulting process. Development in this context is also based on effort, interest and active participation.